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Bib Number Style Options and Samples

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Custom bibs, and promotional products are available, please contact

Premium Bibs:

  • Small (6 x 6)
  • Premium (8.5 x 4.7)
  • Plus (9 x 6)
  • Tall (8.5 x 7)
  • UCI Body
  • UCI Shoulder

Standard Bibs:

plain black on white plain black on white with logo
Coloured without background Coloured with logo without background
Coloured with background Coloured with logo and background

Bike Plates:

  • A (6x6)
  • B (7.5x6)
  • C (9x6)
  • D (7.5x7)
  • E (8.5x7)
  • Seat Back
  • UCI Road


  • Long Distance Kit
  • Top Tube
  • Seat Post

Bib Options:

Bib with tear-off section
  • Bib with tear off section
  • Tear off section can be customized to have anything on it.
  • Add $0.03 / bib
Sample of custom bib with participant's name
  • Custom bib with participant's name
  • Add $0.05 / bib
Print on back of bib
  • We can print anything on the back of each bib: medical info, sponsor coupons, race map, race info, etc.
  • B&W add $0.03 / bib, colour add $0.05. order now

Bike Plate Options:

Bike Plate with Rounded Corners
  • Bike Plate with Rounded Corners
  • Add $0.03 / plate