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Name: Robyn Rolenec
Event: World Trade Center Run To Remember
Race: 5km
Closing Date: Sept. 4, 2011

Pledge Cause: Tuesday's Children

Message from Robyn Rolenec
Help me raise money for this great cause while I participate in the World Trade Center Run to Remember.

About Tuesday's Children

Tuesday’s Children is a non-profit family service organization that has made a long term commitment to every individual impacted by the events of September 11, 2001 and more recently those who have been impacted by terrorist incidents worldwide. Since 2001, Tuesday’s Children has promoted healing and recovery by strengthening family resilience, providing individual coping and life management skills and creating community through programs, mental health support and family engagement opportunities. In recent years, we have expanded to provide programs, advocacy, workshops and counseling services to rescue and recovery workers such as policemen, firemen, volunteers and their families through the First Responder Alliance. We have also globally extended our services with Project Common Bond, a program designed to bring together international communities of young adults whose lives were drastically affected by acts of terrorism.

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