Mountain Madness Trail Clinics
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Lastname           Firstname           Clinics
Alsfasser          Tanja                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Alsfasser          Tanja                                    Spring Advanced                                               
Araujo             Elizabeth                                                     Fall Short Course                        
Atkinson           Randy               Winter Advanced                                                                    
Bibby              David                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Bibby              David               Winter Advanced                                                                    
Bilbey             Susan                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Bilbey             Susan                                                                                                  
Bob                McCormick                                                                                              
Bob                McCormick                                                                                              
Breckon            Patricia            Winter Intermediate                                                                
Bryant             Deb                                                           Fall Short Course                        
Buchwitz           Melody                                                        Fall Intermediate                        
Buchwitz           Melody                                                                                                 
Carabetta          Jessica             Winter Intermediate                                                                
Chen               Nina                                     Spring Short Course                                           
Clarke             Amanda                                                        Fall Short Course                        
Clarke             Jenny                                                         Fall Short Course                        
Conklin            Marnie                                   Spring Advanced                                               
Conklin            Marnie              Winter Intermediate                                                                
Consiglio          Cassandra                                                                                              
Coulter            Natasha                                                                                                
Crawford           Sarah                                    Spring Short Course                                           
Crocker            Morag                                    Spring Short Course                                           
Cross              Ryan                                                          Fall Short Course                        
Crowther           Beth                                                          Fall Intermediate                        
Dalton             Bob                                                           Fall Intermediate                        
Daniels            Michelle                                                      Fall Intermediate                        
Daniels            Michelle                                 Spring Advanced                                               
Daniels            Michelle            Winter Advanced                                                                    
Dayna              Egyed                                    Spring Advanced                                               
DeLong             Deb                                      Spring Advanced                                               
Deeth              Tara                                                          Fall Short Course                        
Denis              Joanne                                                        Fall Intermediate                        
Denny              Donna                                                                                                  
Deol               Patty                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Deol               Patty               Winter Intermediate                                                                
Deol               Rajen                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Deol               Rajen               Winter Intermediate                                                                
Dobmeier           Jeanette                                                                                               
Dobmeier           Jeanette                                 Spring Short Course                                           
Donnelly           Carolyn                                                       Fall Intermediate                        
Donnelly           Carolyn                                                                                                
Dunbar             Alexa               Winter Intermediate                                                                
Egyed              Dayna               Winter Intermediate                                                                
Elliot             Kristie             Winter Advanced                                                                    
Fitzpatrick        Kirk                                     Spring Advanced                                               
Frewin             Cindy                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Frewin             Cindy                                    Spring Advanced                                               
Frewin             Cindy               Winter Advanced                                                                    
Gallant            Laura                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Glotman            Myriam                                                        Fall Intermediate                        
Hart               Steven                                                        Fall Intermediate                        
Henderson          Valerie                                                                                                
Henderson          Valerie                                  Spring Advanced                                               
Henderson          Valerie             Winter Advanced                                                                    
Herbach            Leanne                                                        Fall Intermediate                        
Herbach            Leanne                                   Spring Advanced                                               
Herbach            Leanne              Winter Intermediate                                                                
Hiebert            Jennifer            Winter Advanced                                                                    
Hoehne             Nadine                                                        Fall Short Course                        
Hughes             Christie                                 Spring Advanced                                               
Isabelle           Vrignon                                                       Fall Short Course                        
Jean               Marie               Winter Advanced                                                                    
Kabool             Lisa                                                          Fall Short Course                        
Karen              Stark               Winter Advanced                                                                    
Kazun              Trish                                                         Fall Short Course                        
Kimberlyn          Raby                                                          Fall Short Course                        
Koch               Chris                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Koch               Chris               Winter Advanced                                                                    
Kuyvenhoven        Lana                Winter Advanced                                                                    
Levasseur          Ray                                                           Fall Intermediate                        
Liberatore         Silvia                                   Spring Short Course                                           
Little             Doug                                                          Fall Short Course                        
Lopetinsky         Shannon             Winter Intermediate                                                                
Loren              Rick                                                          Fall Short Course                        
Loren              Rick                                     Spring Advanced                                               
Lublow             Alane                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
MacLachlan         Shannon                                                       Fall Short Course                        
Mackintosh         Janet               Winter Intermediate                                                                
Macura             Katja                                    Spring Short Course                                           
Madill             Jana                                     Spring Short Course                                           
Marazzi            Sonia                                    Spring Short Course                                           
Maric              Alivia                                                        Fall Intermediate                        
Markey             Helen                                    Spring Short Course  Fall Short Course                        
McCarthy           Angela                                                        Fall Intermediate                        
McCarthy           Angela                                   Spring Advanced                                               
McCarthy           Angela              Winter Advanced                                                                    
McDonnell          Rachel                                   Spring Short Course                                           
McDonnell          Rachel                                   Spring Short Course                                           
McGladdery         Shauna                                   Spring Advanced                                               
McLay              Caitlin                                                       Fall Intermediate                        
Meausette          Trevor              Winter Intermediate                                                                
Merkley            Scott               Winter Advanced                                                                    
Mikkelson          Kelly                                                         Fall Short Course                        
Mikkelson          Kelly                                                                                                  
Morabi             Tina                                                          Fall Intermediate                        
Mortimer           Karen                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Mortimer           Karen                                                                                                  
Nakano             Ken                 Winter Intermediate                                                                
Nicholls           Tara                Winter Intermediate                                                                
Nieukerk           Sasja                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Nieukerk           Sasja                                                                                                  
O'Connor           Mallory                                  Spring Short Course                                           
Orellana           Marta                                    Spring Short Course                                           
Orsten             Gritt               Winter Intermediate                                                                
Peters             Michael                                                       Fall Short Course                        
Pettit             Catherine           Winter Intermediate                                                                
Player             Katy                                                          Fall Short Course                        
Power              Leanne                                                                                                 
Quinn              Darcy                                                         Fall Short Course                        
Radau              Holly               Winter Intermediate                                                                
Radley             Aislynn                                                       Fall Short Course                        
Radley             Cynara                                                        Fall Short Course                        
Reece              Miranda             Winter Advanced                                                                    
Reimer             Keith                                                         Fall Intermediate                        
Rosenfeld          Jessica                                  Spring Advanced                                               
Sander             Brayden                                  Spring Advanced                                               
Sander             Emma                                     Spring Advanced                                               
Sander             Sandra                                                                                                 
Sanders            Caterina                                                      Fall Short Course                        
Sanders            Caterina                                 Spring Short Course                                           
Schilling          Christopher         Winter Advanced                                                                    
Scorda             Kristy              Winter Intermediate                                                                
Setticasi          Eric                Winter Intermediate                                                                
Slaymaker          Margaret                                 Spring Short Course                                           
Slaymaker          Margaret            Winter Intermediate                                                                
Snow               Jan                                      Spring Advanced                                               
Southern           Lisa                                                          Fall Intermediate                        
Southern           Lisa                Winter Advanced                                                                    
Soxman             Linelle             Winter Intermediate                                                                
Spencer            Jackie              Winter Advanced                                                                    
Stan               Hembrough           Winter Advanced                                                                    
Stanners           Scott                                                         Fall Short Course                        
Stevens            Sharon                                                        Fall Short Course                        
Stoian             Gabriela                                                                                               
Tryon              Heather                                                       Fall Short Course                        
Way                Renee                                    Spring Advanced                                               
Weihs              Heidi                                    Spring Short Course                                           
Wiebach            Joanna              Winter Advanced                                                                    
Woodall            Kelly                                                                                                  
Woznow             Tracey                                   Spring Advanced                                               
Woznow             Tracey              Winter Intermediate                                                                
Yerxa              Brad                Winter Advanced                                                                    

Total: 144
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